Who Knew Statistics Were This Action-Packed?

In sports, statistics aren’t just numbers — they’re how we separate the All-Stars from the Benchwarmers.

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About StatsCenter

Styled as a parody of ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” “StatsCenter” covers some of the most dry and daunting topics of introductory statistics. We hope StatsCenter will provide a transformative way for so many students with the unrealized potential to excel in these subject areas.

The StatsCenter Team

Join Robert Ahdoot of YayMath.org and Jordan Cohen as they take you on an entertaining ride through introductory statistics. Presented by The Michelson 20MM Foundation and made possible by the generous support of Alya and Gary K. Michelson, M.D.


Statistics: The Science of Data

In this intro, we outline what our purpose is: understanding the field of statistics, which is about the study of data and how to interpret it, to create a better understanding of our world. In this case, the amazing sports world! Also introducing my in-field partner in the game, Jordan Cohen, who attempts to share his love of sports in a blooper-laden pioneering episode.


Types of Data, with Shaquille O’Neal

With Shaq gracious enough to call into StatsCenter, he offers a stellar explanation of the two types of statistical data: qualitative data and quantitative data. Meaning, within the field of statistics, data can be either categorical, or numerical. He then proceeds to insult my wardrobe more than once. To my guests: this fashion abuse must come to an end, I’m a sensitive parody sports anchor / teacher.


Sampling Data in Statistics

Breaking news: the number of Americans playing basketball is decreasing! To fully understand how, we need to gather data from the U.S. population, using various methods. They include simple random sampling, convenience sampling, stratified sampling, and cluster sampling. In-field reporter Jordan Cohen aka “Ball Masta Flex” also describes the concept of sampling data with replacement, or without replacement.


Mean, Median, and Mode, with Steph Curry and LeBron James

LeBron James first calls in to teach us about calculating the mean, median, and mode of a data set. But he’s quickly put to the test by last-minute caller and 3-point specialist Stephen Curry, who challenges his interpretation regarding whom the league MVP should be. Things get heated, you don’t want to miss their back-and-forth.

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Check out all 16 episodes of StatsCenter for more insights on statistics, as well as “guest appearances” from Peyton Manning, David Beckam, Shaquille O’Neal, John Madden and more.

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